New EUFOR Chief of Staff Takes the Post

Brigadier General József Szpisják handed over the post of the European Union peacekeeping mission Chief of Staff to his successor, Brigadier General Gábor Horváth, also from the Hungarian Armed Forces, in a ceremony held at EUFOR Headquarters near Sarajevo.

Visitors and delegates from Bosnia and the international community attended the ceremony, including the Principal Deputy High Representative, Dennis Hearne, Brigadier General Robert Huston, Commander of NATO Headquarters Sarajevo, and Brigadier General Zsolt Sandor, Deputy Commander of Joint Force Command in Hungary.

The new Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Horváth, said he will “continue the cooperation at all possible levels with the state administration, Law Enforcement Agencies and Armed Forces of BiH in order to maintain the well-developed trust and confidence between them and EUFOR”.

Brigadier General Szpisják praised the cooperation and efforts of the many individuals, institutions and organizations who had worked with EUFOR in maintaining the safe and secure environment in Bosnia.

“It is my sincerest hope that this beautiful country and its friendly people consolidate their future within the Euro-Atlantic institutions. I wish all the people of BiH all the very best. I firmly believe that they deserve a progressive, prosperous and peaceful future,” he said.

Commander EUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer, gave a speech during the ceremony, in which he highlighted how Brigadier General Szpisják’s military knowledge and “capacity to forge strong relationships with key military staffs and civilian organisations contributed significantly to the ongoing success of EUFOR”.

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