Settlement in Court Takes Root

Lower courts in Bosnia concluded 563 court settlements during the “court settlement weeks” from April 16 to 27. Most of the settlements were concluded at the Municipal Court in Tuzla (94), the Basic Court in Banja Luka (79), the Basic Court in Gradiška (40), the Basic Court in Sokolac (30) and the Municipal Court in Sarajevo (28).

According to the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, 2,467 court settlements were concluded in Bosnian courts since January. Dispute settlement is being increasingly common in courts since 2012, when the implementation of various activities to improve the work of courts started as part of the Judicial Efficiency Improvement Project, financed by the governments of Norway and Sweden, and the Efficiency Judicial Rehabilitation Project II, financed by the government of Norway.

The easiest cases to settle were those involving unpaid utility bills, debt and claim payments, workplace disputes, wage and severance payments, damages, joint ownership dissolution, property borders etc.

The HJPC said that citizens respond well to the method of resolving disputes, although settlement in court is one of the least used ways of resolving disputes, and the parties are more satisfied with the outcome of the case and court service.

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