Director Wraps up the Shoot of Bosnia’s First Horror Flick

A Sarajevo-based director finished the shooting of what is described as the first Bosnian horror movie. “Jezero” (Lake) by Timur Makarević was shot at several locations at a lake near the town of Jajce and in Sarajevo.

Co-produced by SCCA/ (Bosnia), BARKA Media (Austria) and Business Club Royale (Sweden), “Jezero” is the story of a young couple who elope when the woman overhears her father’s conversation about getting her married to the son of a business partner. On their way to a town where a friend will arrange their secret wedding, the couple’s escape presumably goes awry.

The decision to shoot the film was made at an informal get-together last summer, on the shores of the Pliva lake, according to director Makarević.

On the set of “Jezero”

“The scenery around the lake looks magical, full of mysterious locations; the trailer camp with bungalows is an ideal shooting location,” he said.

“Jezero” is Makarević’s second feature film. His first film, “Ništa, samo vjetar” (Nothing but the wind) is set for the theatrical release in Bosnia. The drama revolves around a Sarajevo-born Swede who visits his hometown after 18 years.

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