Trebević Cable Car Hours Extended

The company running Sarajevo’s Trebević cable car extended the cable car business hours. The visitors can now take rides until 20h.

The cable car opens for visitors at 10h on Mondays and Tuesdays, and at 9h on other days in the week. The ticket prices remain the same – 6 KM (3 Euro) for locals and 20 KM (10 Euros) for foreigners.

Trebević cable car connects the old town near Baščaršija and the pine forests of Trebević overlooking Sarajevo. The reconstruction of the 59-year-old cable car cost $8 million, half of which was donated by American doctor and philanthropist, Edmond Offermann. With funding from the Swiss Embassy in Bosnia, he organised the transport of a dismantled cable car from Switzerland to Sarajevo.

The cable car officially reopened on 6 April 2018. A total of 33 cable cars make up the new system, which can transport up to 1,200 passengers from the city to Trebević per hour, with a ride duration of nine minutes each way.

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