Commission Says Elections Will Be Held on October 7

Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on October 7, Bosnia’s election commission said. Eligible voters will cast ballots for the Croat and Bosniak members of the country’s presidency in the Federation entity and for the Serb member in Republika Srpska entity.

Voters will also elect members of the lower house of the national parliament, entity presidents and assemblies and members of the canton assemblies in the Federation, said the Central Election Commission head Irena Hadžiabdić.

The elections will be held this year despite the failure of the leaders of Bosnia’s three main groups to agree on voting rules for the upper house of the Federation entity’s parliament. Without a solution to the dispute “we are facing a major problem” that could halt the work of the Federation institutions, Hadžiabdić said, echoing the European Union’s warning last week that Bosnia was at risk of a constitutional crisis.

The elections will cost an estimated 4.3 million Euros.

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