Political Parties Pledge to Push for Tougher Voter ID Checks at Polling Stations

Ten political parties that will have candidates running in the presidential and parliamentary elections in October signed a “cooperation protocol” in Sarajevo, pledging to push for stronger voter identification at polling stations as to prevent election fraud.

Representatives of mainly opposition parties in the Federation entity, among them the Democratic Front, the Social Democratic Party , the Alliance for s Better Future, the Naša Stranka party and the Party of Democratic Activity – recently formed by former members of the ruling Bosniak Party of Democratic Action – joined the protocol that calls for adoption of amendments to Bosnia’s election law, rejected in the parliament by the ruling parties, according to which new identification technologies would be used at polling stations, including fingerprint identification and video monitoring.

The alliance of opposition Bosnian Serb parties is expected to join the protocol.


The SDP leader Nermin Nikšić said the protocol is an informal coalition of political parties committed to amending the election law in the part concerning tougher voter identification procedures.

“We want to create conditions for having election results that reflect the will of citizens, not the persons who count the votes,” said Nikšić, referring to Bosnia’s election rules, according to which the polling station staff are mostly appointed by the ruling parties.

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