Croatian Lawmaker Unwanted at Sarajevo Jewish Community Ceremony

Bosnian Jewish Community declared a Croatian lawmaker unwanted for his approval of the WW2 Nazi-allied government, ahead of a ceremony in Sarajevo at which the lawmaker’s late grandfather will be honored for saving a Jewish girl during holocaust. 

An invitation for Zlatko Hasanbegović, a member of Croatia’s parliament, to attend the ceremony at which Sabrija Prohić will be posthumously honored was revoked by the Jewish Municipality in Sarajevo, the Embassy of Israel and the Prohić family. Hasabegović was invited to the ceremony as a grandson of late Prohić, who will be honored by Israel with the “Righteous among the Nations” recognition for non-Jews who saved Jews from Nazi persecution.

Prohić and his wife took in a Jewish girl whose parents perished in holocaust and hid her in their Zagreb home.

A member of the Prohić family who will receive the recognition in Sarajevo felt obliged to invite all family members to the ceremony, including Hasanbegović, not knowing that the lawmaker is unwanted in the Bosnian Jewish Community for approving of the Croatian Nazi-allied government from WW2, which exterminated Jews in death camps.

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