Local Police Order Buses with Migrants to Return to Sarajevo

Buses carrying migrants from Sarajevo to a refugee center in southern Bosnia were stopped by local police in the town of Konjic and ordered back to Sarajevo.

According to early media reports, the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton police were ordered to stop the buses en route to Mostar, where the Salakovac refugee center was to admit the migrants who camped in a Sarajevo park for weeks.

The buses returned to the Sarajevo Canton, near the Ivan tunnel, and parked there.

Bosnian security minister, Dragan Mektić, said he was unaware of who ordered to stop the buses and called a press conference later today.

Several dozen migrants were supposed to be bused from a tent settlement in Sarajevo to the government’s refugee and readmission center at Salakovac, north of
Mostar. The center was recently expanded to accommodate refugees,
asylum-seekers and repatriated Bosnians.

The relocation of migrants in Sarajevo is coordinated by the Bosnian security ministry and the ministry for human rights and refugees.

On Thursday, the chairman of Bosnian Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdić, said police patrols will increase along the borders with Serbia and Montenegro to halt the influx of migrants. Migrants have recently turned to Bosnia to avoid more heavy guarded routes and borders in other Balkan countries. Hundreds have been camping outdoors in Sarajevo and other towns.

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