Farmers Received Grants Based on False Appraisals

Inspectors in the Federation entity have refuted opinions on agricultural facilities by 22 construction expert witnesses because they falsely established the time of construction, and overstated property investment or the size of facilities. Some also described nonexistent facilities.

Based on appraisals such as these, farmers collected KM 588,000 in grants from the Federation’s Ministry of Agriculture, Waterworks and Forestry. Later they were ordered to return the money, but not one-tenth of the amount has been returned, reports CIN.

Six years ago the ministry started a program to subsidize agricultural facilities. It defined eligible farmers as those who invested in their farms between mid-2010 and the end of 2011. The ministry established a new rule: farmers could prove their investment by submitting an appraisal. In the past they had to provide receipts to prove the date and the amount of money invested. The ministry offered a 25 percent subsidy on the cost of a project.

Read the full story here.

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