Suspected Car Thieves Shoot, Try to Run Over Police

Unidentified car theft suspects shot one police officer and tried to run over another one in a foiled attempt to steal a Škoda Octavia in Sarajevo’s Novi Grad district.

The two officers injured in the fire exchange with the suspected thieves early on Tuesday were rushed to a Sarajevo hospital. According to the Sarajevo Canton police authority, they suspected a car theft was in progress and intervened, but three unidentified suspects pulled out automatic rifles and engaged the officers.

“In an attempt to protect themselves from an immediate threat of death, police officers returned with fire, after which the unknown persons escaped by driving away with an Audi with unknown plates, hitting two police officers and causing severe bodily injuries,” the police authority said.

The Sarajevo Canton police union expressed support to the injured officers and said criminals are increasingly ruthless and unscrupulous: “We praise the courage of our injured colleagues (…) and their resolve to tackle criminals who use firearms for the purpose of their criminal goals and directly threaten the lives of police officers in charge of the safety in the Sarajevo Canton.”

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