Organization Asks Businesses if They Objected to a Transgender Event in Front of the Mall

Following the refusal of a Sarajevo mall to allow a transgender awareness event in front of it, the event organizers contacted the retailers that have shops in the mall and asked if they requested the ban from the mall. At least one beauty products company said they had nothing against the event, according to the organizers.

The Sarajevo Open Center, an organization advocating the rights of women and sexual minorities, planned an event in front of the BBI Center shopping mall in central Sarajevo to mark March 31, International Transgender Day of Visibility; however, the mall refused to allow the event, saying the retailers didn’t want to pay for the security at the event that “promotes (…) socially unacceptable and immoral behavior”.

The organization contacted the retailers, asking if they objected the transgender awareness event. According to the SOC, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics said they support the LGBT community and have nothing against the mall paying extra security. A distributor for L’Occitane and Obag in Bosnia also responded to the query and said the company didn’t object to the event.

Telecom provider Eronet said the company wasn’t informed that there was an issue with the event.

The SOC said other retailers that have shops in BBI are yet to respond.

International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual event marked on March 31, dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness on discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide.

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