Sarajevo Drive-in Theater Will Screen Movies This Summer

A government-funded film production and archive company said it will open a drive-in theater in Sarajevo this summer.

The Film Center Sarajevo director Jasmin Duraković said the drive-in theater will be located on the grounds of former film studios on the outskirts of Sarajevo. The theater will be called “Dolly Bell” after the titular character in the award-winning 1981 movie directed by Sarajevo-born Emir Kusturica.

“Citizens of Sarajevo will be able to come to the drive-in cinema with their cars and watch movies with their families. (Film) laboratories and studios used to be at this location, and now we have a reconstruction project for the place, in the form of an archive, a studio, a museum and an amusement park,” said Duraković.

The plan is to screen movies at the drive-in theater on weekends.

“We are also planning the construction of a multimedia museum dedicated to the movie ‘Valter brani Sarajevo’. The project has both a cultural and a touristic dimension since the (movie) is an important brand of (Bosnian) cinematography and the country,” said Duraković.

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