“No One Who Violates the Law on Conflict of Interest Faces Consequences”

Five advisers to the mayor of of the northern Bosnia town of Velika Kladuša could be in a conflict of interest because they’ve worked simultaneously for the municipality and as the heads of public companies or associations, getting more than 10,000 KM a year from the budget.

The law on conflict of interest prohibits such appointments, but no one is worried. Over the past five years, no institution has been charged with implementing the law in Bosnia’s Federation entity, reported the Center for Investigative Reporting. That means, in effect, that no one can establish any violation of the law or mete out any punishment. The entity government submitted a draft amendment to the law with the parliament three years ago, but it has never been discussed.


According to the law, advisers cannot hold office in public companies simultaneously. The law calls for punishment of a 4-year ban on running for office and a fine of between Euro 500 and 5,000.

“Currently, no one who violates the law on conflict of interest faces consequences,” said Ivana Korajlić of Transparency International BiH.

Read the full story here.

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