Embassy’s Sarajevo Air Quality Reports Available Online

The United States Embassy to Bosnia said that the air quality data from the monitoring equipment recently installed at the Embassy compound is now available to the public.

The equipment measures fine particulate matter as an indicator of air quality in downtown Sarajevo. The monitoring results are available on the Air Now website.

Using the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) NowCast algorithm, raw PM 2.5 readings collected by the monitor in the Embassy Sarajevo are converted into an air quality index (AQI) value that reports how clean or polluted the air is and the associated health effects allowing individuals to take steps to reduce their exposure.

“In the U.S., we struggled with polluted air in our cities, but thanks in large part to the Clean Air Act, the United States is now a global leader in air quality policy, science, and technology. A critical component of the United States’ success in reducing pollution has been the EPA’s consistent, transparent, and reliable air quality monitoring requirements and guidance. We want to create the same success here, and help BiH improve its air quality, working with our international colleagues to build partnerships with the BiH government at all levels, with universities, and with health institutions,” said Ambassador Maureen Cormack.

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