Minister Briefs Government on the Migrant Situation

Bosnian security minister Dragan Mektić briefed the national Council of Ministers on the situation with the increased influx of migrants to the country.

According to the minister, Bosnia’s office for foreigners’ affairs registered 5,319 irregular migrants from 1 January to 3 June, of whom 4,721 said they will seek asylum. 437 actually did. At the refugee center in Salakovac, southern Bosnia, 188 foreign nationals expressed intent or have already sought asylum. The Council of Ministers was told that no asylum application was approved yet.

The security minister said that an emergency action plan for the migrant situation is being duly implemented.

According to the plan, Bosnian border police capacities are being expanded to improve the border control. The capacities of the office for foreigners’ affairs and the security ministry are also being expanded to curb the smuggling of migrants and improve the readmission capacities.

The government lodged a request with Council of Europe’s Development Bank for access to the Fund for Migrants.

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