Election Regulator Approves Parties, Candidates for the October Race

Bosnian Central Election Commission wrapped up the verification of political parties and independent candidates that applied to enter the race for seats on the country’s presidency and assemblies at multiple levels in the elections that will be held this October.

The Commission said it approved 67 political parties out of the 72 that applied. 34 independent candidates were approved from the list of 39. They will run for one of the three seats on the Bosnian Presidency reserved for members of the country’s three main groups, as well as for the national assembly, the assemblies of two entities, the assemblies of the Federation entity’s ten cantons and the Brčko District assembly.

According to the Commission’s May 7 report, 3,381,963 voters are eligible to cast ballots in October. In the Federation entity, 2,091,973 are eligible to vote for either a Bosniak or a Croat member of the Presidency. In Republika Srpska entity, 1,262,673 are eligible to vote for a candidate for the Serb seat on the Presidency.

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