Conference Discusses the Role of Private Business in Sustainable Development

A Sustainable Development Goals Business conference in Sarajevo heard about the role of businesses in delivering on the promise of sustainable and inclusive development.

The conference participants discussed global topics in the context of Bosnia, including responsible resource management and environment protection, ethical businesses, opening of quality work places and its effect unto the business image and competitiveness. Representatives from all levels of government, business sector and academia attended the conference organized under the SDGs Roll-out and Private Sector Engagement project, funded by the Embassy of Sweden and implemented by the United Nations in Bosnia.


“Many corporations around the world have recognized that the SDGs not only make good sense but also make for good business. Worldwide many companies are incorporating the SDGs – explicitly and implicitly – in their core business,” said UN Resident Coordinator in Bosnia Sezin Sinanoglu.

“We need to use the innovative power of the private sector”

Representatives of 20 businesses shared examples of their best practices in the areas of sustainable development. The conference was an opportunity for businesses to show joint commitment to having sustainable development as part of their business models and contribute to Agenda 2030 in Bosnia.

“This conference is an excellent opportunity for private sector, civil society and state sector to learn about Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to hear experiences from Swedish companies that are here today. Ministry that I lead strongly supports the fulfillment of responsibilities that BiH took and BiH will strive in the next years, despite humble resources, to give its contribution to goals written in Agenda 2030,” said Mirko Šarović, Bosnian minister of foreign trade and economic relations.


“The private sector was an important and constructive force when the 2030 Agenda was negotiated, and now it has an even more important role to play in its implementation. We need to use the innovative power of the private sector,” said Johannes Oljelund, General Director for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden.

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