Bosnian Heavy Metal Pioneers Celebrate 40 Years of the Band

An iconic Bosnian heavy metal band is set to mark the 40th anniversary with a concert at a music studio of the Bosnian public broadcaster in Sarajevo.

“Divlje jagode” said they will be celebrating four decades since the band was formed with a concert at the BHRT, accompanied by the broadcaster’s grand orchestra. Revered as the pioneers of the heavy metal music in the socialist Yugoslavia of the time, the band was formed in 1978 in Bihać, although some sources claim the band came together in 1977 in Zagreb, present-day Croatia.

The band released twelve albums over the course of four decades, the latest one in 2013, and sold millions of records. Over the time, various musicians and singers were part of “Divlje jagode”, some of which made impressive careers in the music industry. Zele Lipovača, one of the band’s founders and undoubtedly the face of “Divlje jagode”, never quit the band.

The band recorded 129 songs, some of which originally in English, and seven singles. Eight compilation albums were released from 1986 to 2015. During the four decades of the band’s existence, 22 musicians were at some point in the band, eight of which were lead singers, most notably Alen Islamović and Mladen Vojičić.

Admission to the concert, which will be held on Wednesday, June 20, is free, but the organizers request a confirmation e-mail to be sent at, or phoned in at +387 33 408 024.

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