Two Electric Car Models Presented at Sarajevo Fair

A Porsche sales subsidiary in Bosnia presented two electric car models at an energy, mining and environment protection fair in Sarajevo.

Porsche BH presented “Up” and “Golf 7”, fully electric passenger vehicles, at the ENERGA fair and conference, which opened in Sarajevo this week. The company’s VW E-mobility Project Manager Jasmin Lučkin told FENA that electric cars should become popular in Bosnia by 2020.

“The VW Group said that it is preparing a revolution, and that it will launch vehicles that are fully developed on the new electric platform offering enhanced performances,” said Lučkin.

Lučkin said that those vehicles will run up to 500 kilometers on one charge, but their price will be in the range of today’s passenger vehicles with diesel engines. He said that Bosnia will have a lot of work to do in terms of logistics and charging stations before electric cars actually become common in the country.


“Electricity as a power source is much more cost-effective than fossil fuels. With this kind of vehicle, you can drive a distance of 100 kilometers for 1 KM (0.5 Euro) while with diesel engines, at current prices, you would need 10 KM worth of fuel for the same distance,” said Lučkin, adding that the maintenance costs of an electric car are much cheaper than for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

He said that Bosnia’s laws are still one of the biggest obstacles. Once that is resolved, he said, the popularity of electric cars in the country will grow exponentially.

ENERGA fair opened on Monday in Sarajevo. Some 100 exhibitors from 11 countries take part in the fair that will close on 21 June.

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