Sarajevo Taxi Driver Charged with Smuggling Migrants

Bosnian state prosecutor charged a 33-year-old Sarajevo man with giving irregular migrants a ride to the border with Croatia for money.

The state Prosecutor’s Office brought Mahir Nuhić, a taxi driver, on charges for taking money from a group of migrants in Sarajevo in exchange of giving them a ride to the northern border with Croatia, a European Union member state. The migrants reportedly left a center for asylum seekers in Delijaši, south of Sarajevo, on their own and headed for Croatia.

According to the charges, Nuhić (1985) sought to profit illegally from accepting a group of five migrants into his taxi in Sarajevo and taking them to the northern Bosnia town of Bihać for a €200 fee. He is charged with smuggling humans, an offense punishable with prison according to Bosnia’s criminal code.

Bosnia is considered a transit country for refugees and migrants on the so-called Balkan route. Most of them are trying to reach EU member states. Since January , about 5,500 migrants had entered Bosnia.

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