Russian Ambassador Postpones Srebrenica Visit

Russian Ambassador to Bosnia postponed this week’s visit to Srebrenica, eastern Bosnia a day after the town’s Bosniak deputy mayor said he would not meet him at the 1995 genocide memorial cemetery.

Ambassador Petr Ivantsov was supposed to meet Srebrenica’s Serb mayor Mladen Grujičić and his Bosniak deputy Nermin Alivuković on Wednesday. The visit was postponed on Tuesday, reported FENA.

“I received an invitation stating that Ambassador Petr Ivantsov wishes to meet with me as a Deputy Municipal Mayor of Srebrenica. Of course I have accepted to meet with the Ambassador and then there was another invitation, in which the Ambassador stated he wishes to visit the Potočari Memorial Center and honor the victims of genocide,” deputy mayor Alivuković told FENA.

“Respecting the position of the victims and the Srebrenica Mothers organization, which object allowing persons who deny Srebrenica genocide into the Memorial Center, I could not accept that invitation,” Alivuković told FENA.

In 2015, Russia vetoed a UK-sponsored United Nations Security Council resolution that would have condemned the Srebrenica genocide. The resolution was intended to mark the 20th anniversary of the atrocity.

Alivuković said he was told that the administration of the Potočari Memorial Center also objected to welcoming the Ambassador.

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