Sarajevo Food Dictionary App Launched

A Sarajevo food guide magazine launched a free app with detailed information on the city’s eateries. The app comes in four languages and doesn’t require an internet connection.

The Sarajevo Food Dictionary is meant to help tourists find that perfect place to eat. However, the developer said that locals will find it useful too. Sarajevans are known for their loyalty to several trusted restaurants, and the app might help them “discover” new places.


The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

A range of filters will help users narrow down the search for a specific place. Filters are handy for persons with dietary restrictions.

“The app comes in four languages: Bosnian, English, Arabic and Turkish,” said Medina Dedajić, who runs the Sarajevo Food Dictionary magazine.
Medina Dedajić
The app features eateries in all parts of the city, including those that might be difficult to find for an average tourist.
“The point of the Sarajevo Food Dictionary is to show people the places with good food,” said Dedajić.

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