Agreements Signed with Four Local Employment Partnerships

Four local employment partnerships and the International Labor Organization signed an agreement to implement a project of professional training for unemployed persons in Bosnia, in Sarajevo.

€190,000 in grants was approved by the agreement, which is part of  the €4 million project “Support to Local Employment Partnerships in BiH“ (LEP), funded by the EU and implemented by the ILO.

Acting head of Operations for Social Development, Civil Society and Cross-border Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Bosnia, Gianluca Vannini, said that LEP is a concrete project that produces concrete results. He added that the project created 180 jobs so far and provide training for 1,000 persons.

“In the future implementation, we expect 620 more jobs to be created,” said Vannini.

ILO LEP Coordinator Amra Selesković said that the local employment partnership in Bosnia is implemented in 22 municipalities.

“We plan to provide extra qualifications to more than 2,000 unemployed persons and create more than 600 jobs. So far we have managed to create jobs for more than 180 persons with the help from 15 local partnerships,” said Selesković.

She noted that the EU is financing the project with more than €4 million and its conclusion is expected in April next year.

“We are working on the second stage to enable other interested subjects across BiH to apply for the funds. We have at least five partners in every local community,” said Selesković.

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