Government Has No Solution for Migrants in Northern Bosnia

Bosnian government has no solution to the migrant situation in the north of the country, at the border with Croatia, the state and local government officials said after a meeting in Bihać, one of the northern Bosnia towns that saw hundreds of migrants arriving in hope to reach the European Union.

Following a meeting with representatives of the Una-Sana Canton and local government in Bihać, Bosnian security minister Dragan Mektić said the European Union will not pay for turning a defunct food factory in the town of Velika Kladuša into a reception center for migrants. The other solution he brought to the table – using a local hotel in Bihać as a reception center – was turned down by the local authorities in Bihać and Cazin.

“The European Commission does not want to finance a temporary location in the Agrokomerc (food factory) near Velika Kladuša, because it is near the EU border. The location of the Sedra hotel between Bihać and Cazin is not to the liking of the local communities, so there is currently no solution. We simply cannot agree on the location for a temporary collective accommodation site for migrants,” said Mektić.

Minister Mektić criticized the European Union’s approach to the growing migrant issue in Bosnia: “(The EU) created this problem in BiH and now it is walking away from it. BiH will not be a collective center or the so called hot spot and I will say that at the (Western Balkans-EU) Summit in London. (The migrant crisis) is not BiH’s fault and (the country) should only be a transit station. But because of someone else’s irresponsibility, it will pay the highest price,” the minister said.

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