Bosnian Jewish Community, Sarajevo Mayor Urge Action over Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Bosnian Jewish Community denounced two recent anti-Semitic incidents and urged the authorities to act.

A prominent member of the Bosnian Jewish Community posted on Facebook photos of anti-Semitic graffiti in two residential buildings in Sarajevo and Tuzla, featuring Nazi swastika and word “Juden”. According to the post, members of the Bosnian Jewish community live in those buildings.

“We have received the news with deep indignation and disappointment, aware that those incidents will not threaten the good neighborly relations that the Jews of Bosnia and Herzegovina have built and are building with their fellow citizens of other ethnic and religious groups. We appeal to the authorities to identify and sanction the perpetrators in accordance with the law,” said the Jewish Community.

The Jewish Community said that they have always attached great importance to the absence of anti-Semitic incidents in Bosnia.

Sarajevo mayor also issued a statement, condemning the incidents.

“Sarajevo citizens have cherished cultural diversity for decades. Respect for different faiths has protected Sarajevo in the most difficult times. I am convinced that a majority of Sarajevo citizens will never condone such actions, no matter their ethnic or religious affiliation. I call on the authorities to identify the culprits, sanction them and inform the public about that,” said mayor Abdulah Skaka.

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