Bosnian Rap Artist Designs Limited Edition T’s

The 2018 limited edition of streetwear t’s by a popular aperitif brand was designed by a Bosnian rap singer.

JM STREETSHIRTS collection, a limited edition of t-shirts by Jägermeister, presented a unisex design this summer, inspired by hip hop culture.

The t’s design has the signature of Frenkie, a Bosnian rap artist who was inspired by Notorious B.I.G. According to the aperitif maker, the collection is meant for anybody who believes that the street sets the fashion trends and experience music as an integral part of life.


The t’s design, inspired by an iconic photo of Notorious B.I.G., should fit all casual styles, striving to make the garment a manifesto of the urban scene.

Lejla Ivojević

If you would fancy a JM STREETSHIRTS piece, check out #jmstreetshirts or visit Jägermeister in Bosnia on Facebook and Instagram.

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