Government’s Strategy Is a “Wish List” of the Energy Lobby, Environment Activists Say

A national energy strategy, discussed by the Bosnian Council of Ministers this week, is less of a strategy and more of a wish list of the government and the energy lobby, said Bosnian organizations of environment activists.

Denis Žiško of the Center for Ecology and Energy, said the strategy – a condition of the Energy Community – is another proof of “the shortsightedness” of Bosnian politicians.

“Our politicians won’t stop talking about the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but at the same time they adopt a strategy in which no scenario implies a carbon-free energy sector – something that the European Union aspires to.”

“Bosnian decision-makers obviously have no clear vision for the development of the energy sector. The development of the sector will continue to be based on the policies from the 1970s, based on the production of energy from fossil fuels and electricity exports,” said Duška Kudra of the Center for the Environment.

Rijad Tikveša of Ekotim  said that a major shortcoming is that a strategic environmental impact assessment was not made before the strategy.

“We can’t tell how and to what extent will the individual (strategy) scenarios have a negative impact on the environment and society,” said Tikveša.

The Framework Energy Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a document on the energy sector development by 2035, has been in the making for more than a year. After the approval by the Republika Srpska entity government, the document was discussed by the Bosnian Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

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