Local Government Orders Police to Stop Migrants without Documents

Head of a local government in the northern Bosnia region on the border with EU member Croatia said the police were told to set up check points and stop migrants without personal documents from entering the jurisdiction.

Migrants on their way to the towns of Bihać and Velika Kladuša, northern Bosnia will be denied passage if they don’t produce personal documents, said the Una-Sana Canton Prime Minister Husein Rošić after a meeting with representatives of towns and municipalities in the Canton.

According to the Canton government, more than five thousand migrants are in Bihać at the moment.

“We can no longer tolerate this situation. As of today, we are starting with restrictive measures. Migrants without proper documents will not be allowed to enter the Una-Sana Canton. We have to do it right now, and we hope that the Bosnian Ministry of Security will finally do something concrete regarding the location for temporary accommodation of migrants by next Friday,” said Rošić.

“Unfortunately, (migrants) are still just our problem,” said Edin Moranjkić, advisor to the Mayor of Bihać.

“We are constantly repeating ourselves and appealing to the (state) authorities, but we are getting no answer, let alone a concrete action.”

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