Czechs Donate Equipment Money to Bosnian Border Police

Bosnian security minister and the Czech ambassador to Bosnia signed a memorandum on the use of a Czech Republic donation that is supposed to strengthen the border security and improve the effort to curb irregular migration in Bosnia.

The Czech Republic donated around a million euros for the purchase of up-to-date border control equipment, which will be used by Bosnian border police. Minister Dragan Mektić said that the Czech government has decided to donate the money in order to help Bosnia cope with the migrant situation in the country. The minister said that the donation would be of great assistance to the border police in strengthening the control at the border.

Dragan Mektić

A managing team will be formed for the project implementation, which will consist of one representative each from the Bosnian ministry of security, the border police and the Czech Embassy.

Ambassador Jakub Skalník said that assistance to the countries of the Western Balkans has been a long-term priority for the Czech Republic. He said that the country has previously helped or donated funds to other countries on the so-called Balkan route, Serbia and Macedonia, for border police equipment.

Jakub Skalník

“(W)e have a special program that we can and must use to financially help countries such as Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, for them to be able to purchase better border police equipment. Bosnia is among several countries that are a priority for the Czech development cooperation,” said Ambassador Skalník.

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