Berlin Congress Exhibition Opens at Sarajevo Museum

The Archives of the Federation entity organized an exhibition in Sarajevo on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Berlin Congress at which the world powers allowed Austria-Hungary to take over Bosnia from the Ottoman Empire.

Several panels at the historic Brusa Bezistan bazaar, which is part of the Sarajevo Museum, outline chronologically the process of taking over the administration of Bosnia after the Ottoman rule that lasted for 415 years and the local resistance to the new foreign authority.

Former member of the Bosnian Presidency, Stjepan Kljuić, said that 1878 was a pivotal year for Bosnia, not only because the country was liberated from the Ottoman rule, but also because there was a movement that pushed for independence. However, the arrival of Austria-Hungary, said Kljuić, brought about a cultural revival in Bosnia and unlocked the country’s many potentials.

Director of the Federation Archives, Adamir Jerković, said that the 1878 Berlin Congress was undoubtedly one of the most crucial events in the Bosnian history. However, the Austria-Hungary troops that came to Bosnia were initially met with strong but brief resistance.

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