Driver Kills Two Wild Horses in Southern Bosnia

Two wild horses died from injuries after a VW Golf driver run them over on a main road in southern Bosnia, the police said.

According to the police ministry of the Canton 10, the 25-year-old driver and another passenger in the car also sustained injuries in the incident that happened late on Wednesday. They were rushed to a hospital.

A herd of wild horses is native to the region of the southern Bosnia town of Livno. The horses often reach the M15 main road in search for food and shelter, where they are at risk of getting injured by the traffic.

The police said that a similar incident happened a few days earlier when one horse was hit by a car several kilometers down the road. A passenger in the car was lightly injured by the broken windshield.

Local environmentalists have advised against leaving food and salt for the horses near the road on several occasions, pointing out that it puts at risk the horses and the people driving on M15.

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