Activists Raise Money for Book on Important Bosnian Women

Three Bosnian women’s rights activist are starting a crowdfunding campaign to publish a book on Bosnian women who left mark on the country’s history. The book will crown a social media campaign from early 2018, which promoted Bosnia’s historic female figures that were largely ignored in a patriarchal society.

In March 2018, Amila Hrustić Batovanja, Masha Durkalić and Hatidža Gušić launched a mini campaign, posting visuals and short bios of important Bosnian women on the social media with #ŽeneBiH hashtag. The campaign material is now compiled into a book and a crowdfunding campaign will be launched September 12 to publish it.

“It all started when Amila was outraged by a corporation that ‘marked’ the Month of Women’s History with a ‘women’s’ packaging for potato chips; she contacted the two of us with an idea to properly mark the Month. Thus we started researching, writing and posting about important Bosnian women on social media,” said Hatidža Gušić.

The three posted 30 visuals and short bios of women who contributed to emancipation of women and gender equality in Bosnia. The campaign success made them think about compiling the posts into a book. However, the book will be expanded to include 20+ other women important for the women’s rights in Bosnia.

Masha Durkalić, Hatidža Gušić and Amila Hrustić Batovanja. Photo by  Imrana Kapetanović

“Nearly half of the money needed (to publish the book) came from private donations of individuals, as well as organizations (…) that believe in the idea of the project,” said Masha Durkalić.

The rest of the money should be raised in the crowdfunding campaign, she added.

Donors will have the opportunity to get a copy of the book, or other merchandise inspired by the book, such as buttons depicting some of the women in the book, board games and artwork by Bosnian women artists, depending on the size of the donation.

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