Brave New World in Sarajevo’s Youth Theater

Adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, directed by Dino Mustafić, will premiere tonight at the Youth Theater in Sarajevo.

“The interesting thing about the play is that we have tried to describe the moment we live in today with the universal themes of the novel,” Mustafić said and added that it is not often in Bosnian theaters that a play based on fiction is set in the context of the present day reality.

Dino Mustafić

“Brave New World” is adapted for the adult audience, university students and senior high school students.

“Brave New World is one of the first dystopias in which the hope of a better future wins. After the destruction of everything we know as emotions and everything that defines us as humans, (Brave New World) shows that the most valuable, the most human quality is really simple, unconditional love. A world without emotions is not a human world. (The adaptation of) Huxley’s classic gives us insight into basic issues in a very simple language, in an exquisite visual atmosphere and with interesting acting; directed by our most famous theater director, it leaves us astonished when we think that almost a century ago, it predicted our unscrupulous, depressive-anxious and unmotivated actions in today’s culture of virtual social networks and interactive mass media, “said director of Youth Theater, Lejla Panjeta.


Actors cast in the play are Filip Radovanović, Sanin Milavic, Semir Krivić, Dina Mušanović, Mario Drmać, Anita Memović, Edin Avdagić, Mirza Dervišić, Elma Ahmetović and Alma Merunka.

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