Left-Oriented Parties Start Sarajevo Canton Government Talks without the SDA

Three left-oriented political parties convened to discuss a government coalition in the Sarajevo Canton after the election held October 7, without the main Bosniak party that had the best election results in the Canton.

Naša Stranka (Our Party), the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Front representatives sat down to discuss a deal to form government in the Canton without the Party of Democratic Action (SDA).

Naša Stranka leader Predrag Kojović said the three parties have a basic understanding of the importance of forging a coalition, which would leave the nationalist parties out of the government.

“These political parties expressed the wish to form a government in the Sarajevo Canton that will have a strong bloc of left-oriented parties, and this is a great opportunity to show that a new kind of politics is born,” Kojović told reporters ahead of the meeting.


The SDP leader Nermin Nikšić said that it is very important to have honest talks and that the parties expressed a commitment to put vanity aside.

“It is important that we show we can negotiate and form government on the basis of a (political) program, the common commitments and plans for all citizens. We start in Sarajevo, but we hope that this will be a model  for (talks) at higher levels (of government),” Nikšić said.

Next week, a meeting should be organized with all political parties that will have seats in the Sarajevo Canton assembly except for the SDA and the Bosnian Party (BOSS).

According to the early election results, the SDA won 24.64% of the vote for the Sarajevo Canton assembly, followed by the People and Justice party with 13.78%, Naša Stranka with 13.05%, the SDP with 10.19% and the SBB with 9.34%. The Democratic Front won 6.15% of the vote, the Independent Bosnian List won 4.86% and BOSS won 3.69%.

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