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US Should Have Imposed Sanctions against Dodik Much Earlier

Former High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schwarz-Schilling said that the United States should have imposed sanctions against the President of RS Milorad Dodik much earlier and it is surprising that the US has finally decided to make the move, since he asked for it back during his mandate as High Representative.
“I asked for sanctions against Dodik back in 2006, but the United States did not comply with my request in order not to compromise the talks with Kosovo at the time,” Schwarz-Schilling told FENA.
He added that such a decision shows that the United States takes the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina very seriously and added that the same measures should be sought not just from Serbia, but rather from Member States of the European Union.

Police Arrest 13 Employees of USC Employment Service

Following an investigation that lasted for years, the police arrested thirteen former
and current employees of the Una-Sana Canton’s Employment Service in Bihac. The Canton’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said the persons arrested in the operation codenamed “Registrar” are suspected of abuse of office and authority and forgery of official documents.
There is an ongoing criminal investigation against the persons arrested by the USC MoI, after which they will be handed over to the USC Prosecutor.